How To Improve Your Writing Skils

I've read many lists on how to be a better writer. But none of those helped.  So this is my list, from my own experience. 
  • Carrying a notebook in your bag all the time won't make you write. It will just make your bag heavier. What will help is writing whenever something happens to you. I suggest keeping a diary. 
  • On the diary subject: it doesn't have to be a typical diary but a notebook where you can write your feelings down. And your lines don't even have to make sense, just write and ideas will come.
  • Explore yourself. Make lists on what you like. Write down what you like every time you like something. You'll be surprised how good it feels. 
  • It helps to look at people. Try imagining a life of a girl that just walked by you. Write that down. It may be the beginning of your novel.
  • Give yourself some time. You don't have to stress over writing right now. No matter what they say, you need a bit of inspiration and story will develop on its own.
  • But don't be lazy. Again, diary helps in keeping up with writing.
  • Read. And you don't have to read books. Read whatever you can find. read your favourite blog, anything.
  • And last but not the least, if you are going to write, write about something you know. Which brings us back to lists. You can also write list on what elements of  some book you liked or what elements and subjects you would love to read about. And then write a story about what you like and for yourself.
Blondie says have fun with words! :)